What is Subaru EyeSight?

Subaru Eyesight is a driver assist technology from Subaru that's designed to act as "an extra set of eyes" while on the road. If needed, it can also play the role of "an extra foot on the brake." Over one million vehicles from Subaru offers the Eyesight Technology. 


The Subaru Eyesight is a preventive safety system that can warn drivers of potentially dangerous situations on the road ahead. Not only does it see and detect these dangers beforehand, but it even applies the brakes automatically if the driver does not react quickly enough. 


How does Subaru Eyesight work?


The Subaru Eyesight system involves dual color cameras that are at the top of the vehicle's windshield. Eyesight consists of four separate components:

1. Pre-Collision Throttle Management 

This system helps in avoiding accidental acceleration while also facilitating an increased response time. It can identify when a vehicle in front of you has slowed down or stopped. If it senses danger, it automatically reduces the power being sent to the throttle and alerts you visually and audibly. 

2. Adaptive Cruise Control 

The adaptive cruise control system allows you to adjust your speed to match fluctuations in highway traffic. You can set the distance you prefer to maintain with the car in front, and the software will monitor the traffic ahead, adjusting the speed as required. 

3. Lane Departure and Sway Warning with Lane Keep Assist


This system analyzes visible lane markings on the road using in-vehicle-mounted cameras. So if you start to drift outside of your designated lane, it sends you both visual and audible alerts. The lane keep assist portion, moreover, will automatically move you back to your lane.


4. Pre-Collision Braking


This technology prevents you from rear-ending another vehicle. The cameras continuously measure the distance between you and the car ahead. So if the other vehicle suddenly slows down, this system alerts you if it senses a forward collision. It can even apply the brakes by itself if you do not react fast enough. 



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