Subaru Safety Features

Subaru as a brand has always been committed to safety. People interested in buying a Subaru car in Huntington NY will certainly find this vehicle a family-friendly option. In fact, seven of Subaru’s vehicles have won the 2019 Top Safety Pick Plus Award. These models include:


·      Ascent

·      WRX

·      Impreza sedan

·      Impreza wagon

·      Crosstrek

·      Outback

·      Legacy


So, what are the safety features that have helped the cars listed above win this coveted award? Let’s take a look:


EyeSight® Driver Assist Technology


The EyeSight® Driver Assist technology is the most premium and sophisticated of Subaru’s safety features. Top-class front-view cameras and state-of-the-art sensors are used to monitor the road ahead of the car.


The EyeSight® technology alerts the driver if he/she is over speeding, has drifted away from the lane, or is about to collide with another person/vehicle. It is particularly useful during long drives


Some features which work in conjunction with EyeSight® are:


o   Adaptive Cruise Control

o   Pre-collision Throttle Management & Braking

o   Lane Keep Assist

o   Rear Vehicle Detection

o   Symmetrical AWD


STARLINK™ Safety and Security Services


The STARLINK™ Safety and Security technology has been designed to keep the passengers of the car safe during times of distress. The technology connects the car to the nearest authorities or first responders and sends out an SOS in case of an emergency.


Additionally, STARLINK™ sends out vehicle diagnostic reports regularly to the owner’s phone to provide information about the working condition of the vehicle.


Driver Focus


Distractions are the number one cause of road accidents. The Driver Focus technology has therefore been designed to help drivers maintain alertness at all times. The technology uses sensors to scan the facial expressions and body language of the driver.


Then, state-of-the-art innovations are used to track any changes in expressions and body movement. If the face shows unresponsiveness, eyes are off-the-road, or hands are off-the-wheel, the Driver Focus will alert the driver through visual and aural notifications.


If there is no response from the driver still, the Driver Focus will connect to a live responder through STARLINK™ and initiate assistance.


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